■ Born on February 1, 1965 in Stuttgart as son of a priest and of a catechist. Grew up in Ludwigsburg-Möglingen, Calw-Stammheim and in Nagold.
■ High-school diploma in Nagold in 1985 at the Otto-Hahn high school. Then study of political science and empirical culture sciences in Tübingen.
■ Active since the 80s in the peace and anti-nuclear movement.
■ From 1989-1993 personal collaborator of a green deputy in the Chamber of Deputies Ba-Wü for the areas anti-nuclear, energy and peace policy.
■ 1996 Founding and initiation of the Information Point Militarization (IMI) inc. (, member of the IMI board of directors and its speaker in the country and abroad. Editor of the online newspaper “IMI list” (with ca. 1000 subscribers) and the homepage
■ Member in the editorial board of the magazine “Science and Peace”.
■ From January 2000 to December 2002 doctoral stipend holder of the Rosa- Luxemburg-Foundation.
■ Since the end of 2002 active member in the scientific advisory board of attac.
■ Participation and speeches at the European Social Forums in Florence (2002) and Paris (2003) and the World Social Forum in Mumbai (2004), Porto Alegre (2005), Caracas (2006) and Nairobi (2007).

■ Active member in the DFG-VK (German Peace Society – United Opponents of War), passive in the BUND (Association for Environmental and Nature Protection), in the VCD (Traffic Club of Germany), in the VVN-BdA (Association of the Persecuted of the Nazi regime – Association of anti-fascists), in the trade union Ver.di (BA 8 in Ba-Wü), at the DAI (German- American Institute in Tübingen), formerly active at the tenants’ association Reutlingen-Tübingen, more active at the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation Baden-Württemberg, and even more active of course at the Information Point Militarization. Since 2006 member in the WRI Council (War Resisters' International).

Functions at the EP:

Fraction: Member of the European Parliamentary Group United European Left/Nordic Green Left (GUE/NGL).

Committees: Member in the Committee for Foreign Relations (AFET) and there also member in the Subcommittee for Security and Defence (SEDE) and speaker of the Left Fraction (GUE/NGL), substitute member in the Committee for the Economy and Currency (ECON)

Delegations: First vice president of the delegation for the relations to the Gulf states and to Yemen, substitute member of the delegation for the relations to Croatia, member of the delegation for the relationship to the parliamentary assembly of NATO.

Inter-parliamentary groups: Co-president of the “Inter-group Peace Initiatives”

Points of emphasis of my work: EU Constitutional Treaty, Foreign and Military Policy of the European Union, peace policy, anti-fascism, asylum and migration policy and anti-nuclear energy policy

Contact partner of the Left Party.PDS regional associations Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria, Rheinland-Pfalz and Saarland


Collaborator in Brussels: Andrej Hunko

Parlement Européen
Rue Wiertz, ASP 6F266
B-1047 Brussels
Tel. 0032 – 2 – 284 55 55
Fax 0032 – 2 – 284 95 55


Collaborator in Berlin: Judith Demba

Europabüro Pflüger Berlin
Unter den Linden 50
10117 Berlin
Tel. 0049-30-227 71 407
Fax 0049-30-227 76 819


Collaborator in Tübingen: Johannes Plotzki

Hechingerstraße 203
72072 Tübingen
Tel. 0049-7071-7956981
Fax: 0049-7071-7956982


Collaborator in Tübingen: Andreas Linder / Elke Lison

Hechingerstr. 203
72072 Tübingen
Tel.: 0049-7071 – 7956981
Fax 0049-7071- 7956982


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